National Teat Health Database
National Teat Health Database
Finally, a central source for teat-related information

Why Track Teat Health?
Tracking provides powerful benchmarking information

NTHDB- Why Track Teat Health?Teat scoring can provide dairy managers the tool to make educated decisions that improve the health of their herd. Teat health has been a “hot” topic in the field of dairy research over the past several years. This research has provided insight as to the cause/effect relationships existing between cows and the environment they are subjected to. Correlations between teat scores and seasonal changes, machine effects, teat dips and mastitis have been found to be significant in many studies. Teat scoring on a regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, …) will provide a powerful benchmarking tool for tracking changes, and even to compare your dairy with other similarly sized dairies in the same region. Also, compiling scores at regular intervals will enable you to observe seasonal trends and their effects on teat ends.

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