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How to Score Teat Ends?
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Several scoring systems have been developed to differentiate between levels of hyperkeratosis. The most common and easiest to use is a method developed by Teat Club International (TCI). This system uses a four point scale which assigns the score based on the severity of hyperkeratosis (See Teat Scoring Scale PDF). Learning how to distinguish between levels can easily be accomplished by studying the system laid out by TCI and by taking the interactive quizzes provided online by going to The National Teat Health Database. The next step to scoring is determining how many cows to score. A commonly accepted rule is to score a minimum of 80 cows or 20% if your herd is larger than 400. When only scoring a portion of the herd, the cows chosen for scoring needs to be done randomly. After deciding the sample size you are ready for the parlor. The following are a few recommendations that will aide in the process:

  • Wear gloves, and clean them periodically. This helps prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Use a flashlight when scoring. This provides a clearer image, and will speed up the process.
  • Score teats immediately after milking. They are clean and easy to see at this point.
    Dips and other particles can hide the real issues.
  • Wipe any milk droplets from end. This will eliminate confusion and enable you to make better decisions.
  • Score all 4 teats. Scoring all four teats will provide evidence to determine if a certain problem is isolated to a side or quarter

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